Styling is the New Staging

In today’s visually saturated Instagram/Pinterest/HGTV world, buyers expect their home search to feel like stepping onto a shelter magazine shoot. And the old staging rules: declutter, remove personal items, and bake cookies are no longer enough for today’s buyers who are more sophisticated than a vanilla Yankee Candle. Particularly with new construction options, buyers struggle to see past someone else’s “lived-in-ness” and don’t want to tackle even minor updates.

But as staging has evolved over the past decade, many real estate professionals say it has become more important — and more sophisticated — than ever. (The New York Times)


My staging approach is more about “styling” to find a balance neutral enough to appeal to buyer masses, while creating some personality – because no one wants to be labeled a Basic Box. I like mixing CB2, ABC Home, vintage, IKEA, Craigslist and flea market finds, and then like Coco Chanel, remove one accessory before leaving the house. This also helps fit staging costs into any budget. I might also suggest minor updates – particularly for kitchens and baths – to get the best return on investment, because whether you have a $3M penthouse or a $450 studio, you still want the highest price and fastest sale.