Featured Artist: Benjamin Heller

Great art can transform your home from “nicely decorated” to a mindful space. With Brooklyn as arguably one of the world’s creative epicenters – look no further than our own extended backyard for cutting edge art (and music!) to fill your home. I love collaborating with artists when I stage a property for sale! Showcasing art in a home – in contrast to a gallery – helps visualize how the piece might feel in a more personal space, and even allows the art itself to take on a different life and energy.

My interior styling for our listing at 939 Union Street in Park Slope features works by Brooklyn-based artist Benjamin Heller from his recent photographic exhibition Echo and Convergence at the Robin Rice Gallery in the West Village.

Since meeting through a mutual dancer friend, it has been a joy getting to know Benjamin and glimpsing into his studio and thoughts behind his work. His photographs feel bewitchingly theatrical but not staged, and both intimate and hugely powerful – where each image provokes the imagination into uninhibited story-telling and inward reflection for all ages. So up your art game today and support the arts by seeking out new artists to follow, purchase art and music that expands your mind, and visit open studios and live performances!

View More of Benjamin Heller’s Work Here: http://www.benjaminhellerart.com/

View Full Listing Here: 939 Union Street, #10 – Park Slope, Brooklyn $2.35M Condo – 3 Beds, 3 Baths, 2 Private Terraces –  uninhibited skyline views just steps from Prospect Park.

Should You D.I.Y. Real Estate?

Real Estate Agents are often characterized as sleazy, knuckle-headed – or possibly both (or worse). The “Phil Dunphy” although dedicated and good-hearted is portrayed as the classic doofus who maybe couldn’t hack it at another job.

Or the scheming Alec Baldwin “Glengarry Glen Ross” real estate salesman with questionable morals and contrived pitches. You might have even run into one of these characters while open house browsing on  your own. As is the case in any industry, there are good, bad AND great real estate agents, and I can attest that I’ve had the pleasure of working with some true professionals in the business.
But maybe the more important issue is: Why use a real estate agent at all? And, it’s a good question. Buyers and sellers today have access to *most* of the same online search tools, so the value in working with an agent is having an experienced, organized, smart professional with good instincts and a solid B.S. radar, to help you navigate a complex process involving numerous players  when a significant amount of your hard-earned money is at stake:

  • How does the market look right now and where are we headed?
  • What neighborhoods make the most sense for short-term v. long-term investing?
  • I’ve lost two bidding wars… What else can I do??
  • How much is my townhouse worth? How much would it be worth if I renovated the kitchen?
  • Is that condo overpriced? How much are closing costs?
  • The buyer’s attorney is not returning my attorney’s phone calls. Help!
  • The buyer/seller is threatening to back out of the deal. Help!
  • We have 2 kids, a dog, and a cat – how am I supposed to stage to sell?
  • I can’t keep track…Did we see that unit last weekend? Did I like it?
  • Can we move that wall/sink/oven? How much will it cost?
Bottom line is Real Estate Agents can play many roles during the buying and selling process: consultant, analyst, advocate, salesperson, marketer, business manager, and therapist – just to name a few. So, as you consider your options keep in mind that DIY Real Estate is as risky as DIY Plumbing: You might end up with a bigger mess going at it alone after a couple YouTube tutorials, so know when it’s time to call in a professional and work with someone you trust!