Cuba! with Postmambo Tours

I recently returned from the most incredible travel experience in Cuba organized by Postmambo, and led by well-known Cuban music historian, Ned Sublette. I say “experience” because this was not your typical tour riding around Old Havana in a 1950’s Oldsmobile. The entire trip was structured around rumba music – a tangible way in which to feel Cuba’s rich history, culture and worldwide influence. We saw no fewer than two live music and dance performances EACH day, in venues ranging from a converted factory art space packed with Havana hipsters, to a countryside farm miles away, to a block party in more urban Matanzas, to THE Copa Room at the Hotel Riviera.

More Video Clips & Pics Below!

Wherever we went, it was all about the drums. This is a major oversimplification…but unlike most of America, African slaves brought to Cuba were allowed to practice their African dance and music traditions (during slavery until 1886), which heavily influenced music in Cuba, America, and around the world. For in depth reading, Ned’s book Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo is a thick but very accessible and fascinating read. It’s difficult to convey the Postmambo experience in words, so please check out pics and vids below for just a *taste* of what we saw and heard. 

A Few Music/Dance Highlights

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas: Very famous traditional Cuban rumba group started in 1956, now educating the next generation of rumberos through their school La Rumba Soy Yo.
Asociación de Rumberas de Matanzas:  Urban community organization started and led by amazing women who saw a need for a space for seniors and children to gather. Supporting drum and dance traditions through education and performances in a small open air plaza.
Grupo Tambor Yuka: Rural community keeping tambor drumming traditions alive.  African slaves working 16+ hour days needed their owners’ permission to dance the tambor at the end of a grueling week.  Drums made from hollowed avoacodo trunks and animal skins were heated  with bonfires while a crowd gathered around a dancing couple.
Telmary: Super cool female hip-hop artist incorporating traditional Cuban beats and references.
Issac Delgado: World famous salsa and timba performer who PACKS the house at the Copa Room in Havana.

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Postmambo is kind of a secret organization (shhhh) that acquires travelers mostly via word of mouth. I’m an avid traveler and rarely repeat trips, but once you’ve Postmambo’d you’re #PostmamboForLife and I can honestly say I’ll be going back.

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A very special thanks to the Postmambo Team:
Ned Sublette, Leader and Walking Rumba Encyclopedia
Caridad Diez, Tour Producer and all around #LadyBoss
Jesús García, Cuban Guide Extraordinaire
Arián Sabatés, Driver and Guardian Angel


Brooklyn Real Estate Outlook: Spring 2018

The first quarter of 2018 is over and the numbers are in: Brooklyn prices continued to set records amid a drop in the overall number of sales. Manhattan sales numbers dropped even more dramatically, accompanied by a drop in median price.

Brooklyn prices continued to set records amid a drop in the overall number of sales.

Though the new tax plan may be giving some buyers more reason for pause, other factors, like the need for more space for growing families, a desire to live within a certain neighborhood, job relocation, etc., continues to motivate purchases. There is still a high demand for homes and little inventory, which has historically translated into prices rising steadily, but we may have finally reached a point where buyers are willing to wait out the market to a certain degree.

Rather than a heated bidding war after the first weekend, the new norm is a trickle of offers. Buyers can be more hesitant to follow through and are more apt to negotiate terms and/or walk away if their needs aren’t met, but it’s still not a buyer’s market and for desirable property, competition is still fueling above-ask bids.

It’s still not a buyer’s market and for desirable property, competition is still fueling above-ask bids…Lowball offers are not necessarily effective.

For Brooklyn sellers, with available inventory selling faster and at higher prices, it is still a good time to sell. Pricing your home appropriately for the market is more critical now as you don’t want your listing to face multiple price cuts and appear stale. Staging and marketing is even more important to ensure your home  stands out as highly desirable. Our goal is to convey a lifestyle within your walls that creates a sense of urgency as soon as buyers walk in the door, so that we can bring you multiple bids and ensure a quick and easy sale.

Staging and marketing is even more critical to ensure your property stands out…

For buyers, the market remains competitive and lowball offers are not necessarily effective. Negotiations might be more possible for new condos in the $1.5M+ range as developers compete for buyers, and in the high-end $4M+ market where inventory is currently superseding demand, but sellers will also be hesitant to accept what they might consider a below market price.

Erica Keberle | Real Estate Agent | Garfield Realty

Determining the “right” price for selling or purchasing a home is part analytics and largely a matter of experience; it’s more an art than a science. If you’re feeling puzzled about your right price or how to make your home look amazing for a sale, use the below form to contact me. Pricing and staging consultations are always on the house (pun intended)!

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