Buyer’s Agents: Why You Need One in Your Life

I am always surprised to meet a home buyer who is not working with a buyer’s agent. Now, in a previous life, I’ve been just as guilty as the next guy of casual Sunday open house browsing – pretending to measure the space where I’ll fit my grandmother’s library table – but I can’t understand why any serious buyer would be without a buyer’s agent.

Your Personal Real Estate Consultant!

Your Personal Real Estate Consultant!

OK, so you’re a serious (or even semi-serious) buyer without a buyer’s agent. Here’s the deal: That open house you attended last Sunday in Brooklyn where you spilled your guts to the agent that you have a pile of cash and already lost three deals? That agent represents the seller’s interests – not yours. You need a buyer’s agent to represent your interests – this is your person to confide in, consult with, and grab a drink with when the time comes.

And there is no fee to a buyer for working with a buyer’s agent. Let me repeat that: there is NO fee. So how do I keep vintage designer in my closet? The seller’s broker and the buyer’s broker split the commission. Why wouldn’t you want a free personal real estate consultant to help you get into your new home? Of course you do! Help clear the confusion around buyer’s agents and tell your friends: Friends don’t let friends buy real estate without a great buyer’s agent. Please visit me here for FAQs and about working together to find your new home.


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