My goal is to set a solid foundation for a successful home search and purchase. Contact me for a free one-on-one consultation.

1. Buyer Preparation

What's Your Budget?

• Choosing a lender and getting pre-approved for a loan

• Preferred monthly expenses

• Max purchasing power vs. preferred max price

What's Your Time-line?

• Desired timeframe

• Buying goals decision makers

• Decision makers

What will it cost?

• Down payment

• Closing costs

• Required post-closing reserves

• Debt-to-income ratio (DTI): Fixed monthly expenses divided by gross monthly income

Make a wish list

• What do you need in a home?

• What do you want in a home?

Location Features

• Neighborhood

• Views

• Outdoor space

• Parks

• Proximity to public transportation

Home Features

• Style

• Size

• Condition & finishes

• Washer / Dryer

• Accessibility

• Pet accommodations

• Security and property managament

• Amenities (gym, storage, parking, bike room)

• Policies: Co-purchasing, subletting, pied-a-terre

2. Building Your Team

• Real estate agent

• Lender

• Attorney

• Home inspector

• Insurance agent

• As Needed: Contractor, designer, architect

3. Buyer’s Agent Services

Advisor, Advocate, Support

• Real estate education

• Home search guidance

• Advise on pricing and offer strategy

• Help identify and weigh pros & cons

• Provide listing and building insight

• Coordinate with listing agents

• Manage negotiations

• Connect preferred vendors ie. lenders, attorneys, architects etc

• Resolve unforeseen challenges/obstacles

Experience / Process

• Lender pre-approval: 1-3 days

• Home search: 1-3 months

• Prepare and submit offer: 1 day

• Negotiate offer & acceptance: 2-5 days

• Home inspection, due diligence, contract signing and escrow deposit: 7-10 business days

• Loan application, appraisal, loan approval and bank commitment letter: 2-4 weeks

• Co-op board application & interview: 4-6 weeks 

• Bank and attorney closing preparations: 1-2 weeks

• Final walk-through: day of closing (30 minutes)

• Closing: 2-3 hours

4. Let’s Get Started!

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