I’m an experienced real estate investor, interior stylist and project manager with market savvy, renovation chops, and a knack for design.

“Design & Renovation Therapy” Consulting


Often the most intimidating aspect when thinking about tackling a renovation is “you don’t know what you don’t know” so this is a good place to start. This can also be done as a pre-purchase consultation, but is not a substitute for a home inspection.

Schedule a 2-hour, on-site session where we walk together through your home with takeaways that include:

• Your desired scope of work versus budget constraints – essentially an initial budget reality check!
• Identify any “red flag” issues that might impede renovation plans and advise on items requiring further investigation
• Initial design thoughts and advice on how to achieve a cohesive style
• Recommended next steps for executing a successful renovation. 

 A 2-hour on-site “Design & Renovation Therapy” consult is $300 with additional virtual or on-site consulting services available on an hourly rate. Creative design work, including cohesive design stories and vision, design boards, color consults, product sourcing, etc. is done on a per project fee depending on the scope of work. 

References available upon request. Ask about comprehensive pre-construction, construction management and project management services.

Real Estate Services


• Develop action oriented plans for buyers and sellers

• Prepare buyers and sellers with knowledge and confidence for a successful purchase process with free consultations, webinars and video chats

• Interior Styling & Staging: Assess space and the target market to develop a visual sales strategy that builds a buyer experience and emotional connection to maximize sales price

• Provide perspective and experienced emotional support throughout the buying and selling process

• Help sellers evaluate options and create a strategy to meet their selling goals

• Create and execute beautiful visual marketing strategies, including unique, personalized staging, minor home updates, professional photography, and video tours

• Analyze market data to track real estate trends within macro and micro markets

• Advise on potential return on investment

• Share feedback and opinions based on years of experienced real estate and renovation instincts

• Negotiate and advocate on behalf of my clients

• Resolve challenges

• Identify areas for opportunities

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