Erica Keberle


Erica Keberle is a licensed real estate agent with the country’s largest independent real estate brokerage, Compass. She has a true passion for finding, fixing and making homes, to the bones.

Discovery is a key element to Erica’s process. From realizing client goals, seeing potential in a property, managing a gut renovation and strategizing for a sale, Erica provides an expertise that is unique and personal. Her hands-on approach offers a skilled method for experienced and new buyers and sellers to navigate all the ups, downs, ins, outs and all the nuts and bolts of buying, selling, renovating and investing.

Being a buyer herself and renovating a Brooklyn co-op, condos, and a multi-family building, Erica expanded her experience from Brooklyn to the Catskills in Upstate NY, becoming one of the first boutique real estate developers in Sullivan County.

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Erica Keberle
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
375 Schermerhorn St
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(917) 690-5405

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