Interior Styling is a Lifestyle

I have been collecting and curating for as long as I can remember. I love stumbling upon, hunting for, and inheriting treasures new and old and finding ways to make unique pieces work together in the same space.


I’ve been really fortunate to have opportunities to travel all over the world and it’s been an incredible source for design inspiration and enriching my appreciation for cultures other than my own. I’ve been collecting vintage kimonos from Japan on every trip; purchased art from a photographer and sculptor in Cuba; scoured antique shops in Spain, and flea markets in South Africa and Hungary; and visited thrift stores in New Mexico and California. Everywhere I go I keep my eyes open for antique shops, oddities, secondhand stores in search of treasures that pique my interest aesthetically or for their history.


I love visiting local shops in Brooklyn and the Catskills. It’s an opportunity to experience design through that shop owner’s lens and it’s inspiring to see how someone else might have curated something different from me.


I grew up in a frugal family and my grandparents on both sides instilled a sense of appreciation for taking care of what you have rather than buying new. My Grandpa Major Jack E. Milner took me to yard sales every summer where I developed a keen eye for spotting the best treasures (usually where no one else was looking). I never know what might catch my attention! I love old things, new things, salvage, fabric scraps, bits and pieces, industrial, rustic, rugs, paintings, tiny photographs…


New York City is an epicenter for creatives at the top of their game, and having access and exposure to world class musicians, dancers, photographers, and visual artists who ask us all to think and push boundaries is a constant source of inspiration in color, pattern, voice, rhythm, movement and message.