Real Estate Services

For Sellers

With 90% of home buyers searching online, it’s critical that your home stands out with a digital marketing strategy. This means you need amazing photos, a great floor plan, syndication to major real estate websites, social media presence, and good old fashioned contact with humans to get the word out. View Listings | view my Staging portfolio You might be feeling overwhelmed about selling – it’s a lot to navigate! What’s my home worth? How long will it take to sell? Does staging really work? Staging sounds overwhelming…who can help me? How much cash will I have after selling? What are closing costs? Should I accept the first offer? What happens in […]

For Buyers

You’re about to make one of the largest purchases of your life. You need a Buyer’s Agent! What’s a Buyer’s Agent?? A Buyer’s Agent represents the interests of the buyer and only the buyer, whereas the seller’s agent (a.k.a. “listing agent”) represents the seller’s interests. You need to trust and be comfortable with your Buyer’s Agent because we’re going to be spending a lot of time together. Many buyers don’t know that Buyer’s Agent services are FREE. The buyer’s broker and the seller’s broker split the sales commission (paid by the seller), and a portion of that commission goes to the Buyer’s Agent. As a Buyer’s Agent I educate, counsel and prepare […]

Design-Build Services

Considering buying an apartment, but hate the kitchen? Dreaming of a fixer-upper Brooklyn Brownstone and tackling major renovations? Worried about over investing in renovations? Confused about NYC zoning and landmarks? Want to know if you need permits from the NYC Department of Buildings? Let me help! BUY – SELL – DESIGN – BUILD – RENOVATE COMING SOON…