Woods Edge

Woods Edge

Sullivan County Catskills 

Styling: Major Jacks

Photography: Gabe Zimmer and Kris Mae Weiss


This voluminous home was dying to realize her potential for grandeur and elegant ease. This was the newest project we had tackled, to date, with a focus on updating finishes rather than starting from scratch. What started as builder grade shades of beige gave way to a canvas to experiment with color and texture.


  • Designer
  • Rad Plaid Pattern Maker
  • Project Manager
  • Interior Styling + Staging
  • Listing Agent 



While we love the oldies, the antique farmhouses, and the vintage cabins, we were not mad about operating in a rather fresh site for a change. We started the project with fully servicable electric, water and toilet facilities – quite civilized compared to our typical digs. Oh but how to add character where none had existed before? No “old bones” from which to gather inspiration, no faded peeling wallpaper for color palettes, no mouse turds to sweep after demo! Good thing we come with a mental library of (mental?) ideas. 

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