Everything and anything has potential when staging with treasures. My approach is to add a theatrical element by using unique, stimulating and sometimes unexpected pieces that offer a familiar or inspirational narrative for a potential buyer. I look for my own staging inspiration everywhere: During travels to near and far places; when visiting local shops curated by someone with their own unique eye; at vintage, thrift and yard sales (truly my favorite places); and from artists, dancers and musicians who are a constant source of inspiration in color, pattern, voice, rhythm, movement and message.


  • Personal Inventory
  • Personal Travels
  • Local Antique Shops 
  • Yard Sales and Flea Markets
  • Hand-me-downs 
  • Found Objects
  • Shopping Malls
  • Online Shops
  • Local Artists


    At least 80% of the buying decision is emotional and staging facilitates this connection for buyers. When staging a property for sale, I like to take creative risks while understanding it must appeal to a diverse group of target buyers. Ultimately my intention is to design an experience that allows a buyer to feel joy, inspiration and an emotional connection with a property that might otherwise impress as a blank box.  |  Design + Vintage

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